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LOOK #03

credit  :
head   : catwa dyana mesh head
body  : maitreya lara mesh body
hair    : mina hair myrtle-essensial SL14B gift
dress : {le fil casse} the little dress maitreya
necklace : L&B swear dia de muertos charm necklace SL14B gift
for SL14B gift you can tp here

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Credit  :
body   : Belleza isis mesh body
umbrella  : Belle Epoque {wagasa}group gift
tatto  : U-Design prosperity.@japonica summer market 2017 1st july U-Design mainstore
dress : Bluberry-sophia-side split dress.
flickr :

Summer day...

Aaahh its very hot day, i need going to swim.Lucky me just got nice swimwear and its has hud colour,but this swimwear just for maitreya mesh body, and this is free group gift,,love it.
Credit  :
head    : catwa dyana mesh head.
body   : maitreya lara mesh body.
swimwear  : belle epoque
flickr   :


just check my inventory,and find this dress at received item,,hmmm look nice,,but i dont remember where i get this dress.